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Before we get into the business models, let‟s talk about internet marketing in general. Loosely defined, internet marketing is any type of business that you do on the internet to make money. We‟re going to go over some the specific methods to do so shortly. Internet marketing got started in earnest when people realized that they could influence where their website landed in the search results. Since then, the market has exploded to the point where it seems like everyone is doing internet marketing. Internet marketing is a wonderful business to get in for several reasons. First, you have unlimited income potential. Internet marketing has made quite a few millionaires and there are tons and tons of people making six figures with an internet marketing enterprise. In addition, internet marketing can be a residual, passive form of income. That means that you can be doing something else – even having a full-time job – and still be making money with your internet marketing efforts.

Online Biz BluePrint (PLR eBook)

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