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If you have an „internal locus of control‟, then that means that you recognize just how responsible you are for the quality of your life and your accomplishments. Many people have a tendency to blame others, to blame circumstances, or to make excuses when things don‟t go their way. Why aren‟t you happy? It‟s because you had a hard childhood! Why aren‟t you rich? It‟s because you weren‟t born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or because you lost your job due to lay-offs. Making excuses is easy but it doesn‟t get anywhere. The reality is that people have dug themselves out of holes much deeper than the one you‟re in right now – I don‟t care who you are – and they have come out richer, happier and stronger. So, what is the all-important ingredient? It‟s you. And more specifically, it‟s your mind. Your mind is where everything else comes from. Your beliefs, your focus, your concentration, your mood – all of that. What‟s more, is that where your mind leads, your body follows.

Mighty Mind (PLR eBook)

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