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Time and time again, others have tried to say that when your space is cluttered, so is your mind. However, that can also go the other way. As your mind becomes cluttered with things to do, meetings to go to, and all the stresses you experience, your space will become cluttered as a result. A cluttered workspace may say that you are in the middle of a project and need lots of information present at once. However, this same workspace will stress out your mind and hurt your work performance. Clutter creates a negative impact and our lives. The clutter in the world around us indicates lots of clutter in the mind. When you experience stress and anxiety for long periods of time, take a look around you. Are you seeing clutter that matches the state of your mind? The first step to bringing your chaotic world down to a calm one is to recognize the clutter around you. Knowing both the physical clutter and the clutter of your mind will let you know what you need to clean to bring you back to peace.

Chaos To Calm (PLR eBook)

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